presenting…Mista Vee (of The UnFunkWitables)

if ur not up on The UnFunkWitables just yet, we (my older brother BASSCLEF and myself, Mista Vee) are a duo who worship at the altar of the unsung heroes of funk, soul and r&b from the illustrious period in history known simply as: THE 80s! 🙂 sofar we’ve produced two scorching hot mixes of the finest, phattest jams to be found anywhere on the PLANET. and to further our funk cause we are also venturing into solo dolo territory. right now we want you to meet Mista Vee, he (well, ME) has got his own Facebook page for the purposes of posting up random obscure 80s funk joints via YouTube, and also for whenever he has enough time to create some original work (of the same synthfunkin’ ilk). click here to ‘like’ him today! 😀


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