The Waldorf And Statler Experience – Balcony Music Vol. Three: The Ballad of CJ Memphis

so my good buddies and legit uber-talents DVS & tREBLEFREE have quietly been releasing some of the dopest, most FUN hip hop joints i’ve heard in quite a while under the Balcony Music banner as The Waldorf And Statler Experience (yes it’s the old guy movie critic muppets, and i know what ur thinking: the name is freakn genius. and it is…freakn genius). dudes, if ur reading this, The Death Of Sarge is fucking AMAZING. u guys continuously exceed my expectations. support indy. download this. it’s shmick.  IT’S FREE. what more u want.

01. the ballad of cj memphis (3:23)
02. matter of time (feat. thaione davis) (3:50)
03. possible (feat. malakh el) (3:20)
04. bounce (4:25)
05. comin’ on strong (feat. rellevent & jerry banilow) (3:50)
06. the death of sarge (5:01)

(via bandcamp)

“at my worst? i’m a heathen. at my best? i’m a scholar”, –DVS.


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