Dilla Month: Stray Phrases perform “Donuts” @ The Tea Lounge, Brooklyn (03/02/2011)

okay, i realise technically Dilla Month is over at the end of Feb, and in the southern hemisphere it is already the 1st of March, but since i got a late start in the celebrations & whatnot i’m extending Dilla Month probably for another 2 or 3 weeks, just cos there’s still a few cool Dilla-related items i would like to share (chief among them a mix by yours truly that highlights nothing but Dilla beats and instrumentals, including some obscure shit). what is TIME, anyway? a man-made concept that i choose to bend to my wants and needs as a lover of music and all things J Dilla…is what it is..in case u thought that was a rhetorical question (was it…? ok i’ll stop now). a little while back i posted up a live performance of jazz trio Stray Phrases very expertly covering and re-interpreting Dilla’s Donuts album from back to front (originally posted by Metal Lungies). since then the performance seems to have taken on a life of its own (at least among the ever-growing circle of Dilla heads), for they re-appeared on Feb 3rd to again pay tribute by playing the album in their own jazz/fusion style. this time the recording comes courtesy of live music recording stalwarts All The Way Live, and i’m told the quality of the recording this time around is way superior to the 1st.


Stray Phrases are Storm Siegel (drums), Dave Mainella (piano) & Evan Crane (bass).

[original blog post + link here].


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