C.O.A.C.M presents…5 Questions with: INSPIRED FLIGHT

photo by Justin Lee

1. what’s your name(s), where are you from & how did you get involved with music?

our names are Eric Poline (a.k.a. Openoptics) and Gabe Lehner (a.k.a. Chavez) and we both were born and raised in coastal North County of San Diego. we have both been big fans of listening to music since being young kids, especially hip-hop. in third grade Eric started learning guitar, which he kept up till he got obsessed with turntables, DJ’ing, and scratching in junior high. i, Gabe, grew up with a father who played guitar in bands, and in tenth grade i got the bug to learn myself. he taught me guitar and music theory, and i was so into The Beatles then that i got obsessed with songwriting. Eric and i each kept along our musical paths until we met each other in 2007.

2. how did your particular track in the mix come about/is there a story behind its creation?

Eric had a really cool signal chain going on in his home studio of a Korg Triton on a really cool patch going through a Roland Space Echo, into a Fender Twin Reverb guitar amp. he had come up with the chord progression synth part, like how the song starts, and i thought it was so cool when he showed it to me that i said we should work on it right then. then next thing we knew “It Always Takes” had pretty much been born, and it was one of the first songs we actually made together.

3. who or what inspires you to create? and how do you STAY inspired?

for both of us everything inspires us to create, whether that be all kinds of different music we hear, or just life in general. we stay inspired by continuing to listen to music, putting effort into collaborating with people, and by doing as much awesome stuff as we can all the time when we’re not making music.

4. your opinion on copyright and the sharing of music? (specifically tunes made by unsigned, under-the-radar and bedroom artists that are then shared by fans?).

in our case that is absolutely necessary, and we encourage people to download our music, even if illegally through torrent sites, and then share it. the fact that our career is where it’s at is because so many fans have done just that. it is kind of weird that we live in a culture now where people feel entitled to get music for free, even though its a livelihood for many artists, and takes a lot of energy, time, and money to create it, but since that’s how it is we embrace it and just want our music to be heard. we put out a lot of music for free, as do many other artists these days. we think it’s stupid for big artists and labels to come down hard on fans with lawsuits, or even threats of lawsuits, for illegally downloading and sharing music.

5. the best place to listen/download/buy your tunes? and any final words you’d like to say to the Internets?

the best place to listen to our stuff, and buy it, is inside of the gift shop next to the flamingos at the Boston Zoo. If you can’t make it there then www.inspiredflightmusic.com is definitely the second-best place. as for final words, please stay tuned to what we are doing right now because we are nearing completion of our second full-length album, preparing to put out some other projects this year on our own Create Fate label, gearing up to do some touring and play some music festivals, and we will be releasing some free remixes soon. thanks for the love!

i’d like to personally thank Chavez for reaching out n getting in touch with me about the inclusion of their track. their original version doesn’t appear, but it proves how dope the song is on just the lyrical/vocal tip too. i’m very glad to have y’all be a part of it. YES i’m still pimping this mix lol, listen/download at the following spots: .zip/.rar/Soundcloud.


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