INTRO // Funny How Time Flies (SLOW MIX) (1996)

after what seems like MANY years of a dedicated but small posse of us trying to track down this rare-as-fock remix, it’s finally here. in as clear quality audio as ur gonna get. the FULL track, not the snipped crappy-audio-quality version thats been on YouTube for years. after having given up, a few days ago i tried YouTube again to see if a proper version of this nugget had finally made its way to the public. what i found was a clear quality version, but slowed way the hell down (this particular uploader slows down ALL their uploads, don’t ask me why). so i grabbed the mp3 from that, time shifted it to as close to the original speed as i could get it by ear, and then beefed it up slightly in the EQ department via Ozone & SoundForge. and BLADOW! plz enjoy, share, & give cunnilingus whilst listening to this mighty sexy remix of an already sexy original (the credits say it was released in ’96 on the rare promo “Feels Like The First Time” (12″), and is produced by a dude named Kevin Dean. onya Kev).




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