TOP SECRET!: Original Soundtrack (1984)

brilliant film & awesome soundtrack. i won’t try to pretend to take credit for providing this gem (it was easy enough to find via the same ol blogsearch routines). i do, however, have a penchant for trying to provide somethin that’s either unavailable elsewhere or is in need of sharing to a wider audience. and that’s where this falls. plus after posting “Spend This Night With Me” on YouTube and getting such a positive responds, i feel they should probably have a spot to download the s/track for themselves. and yes Val Kilmer did all his own singing stunts.

01. skeet surfing (2:59)
02. are you lonesome tonight? (1:37)
03. how silly can you get (2:50)
04. straighten out the rug (2:01)
05. tutti frutti (1:42)
06. spend this night with me (3:31)

zip | rar


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