Wes Felton’s latest album “HANDLE WITH CARE” already in my favs of 2012

i’ve long been ignorant of the musical prowess of one W. Ellington Felton (but most commonly known as Wes Felton) for many years. the only work i had heard was 2008’s “Antithesis” LP with JLaine & T. Fox (which produced one of my fav acoustic joints ever, featuring frequent collaborater K’Alyn). but never did i bother to delve into his solo work. so basically over a single weekend i ripped through every release the man has put out there and online on his Bandcamp page, and i found myself liking pretty much EVERYTHING i heard. the new LP “Handle With Care” in particular. dude’s got a killer guest lineup of vocalists n musos, most notably bringin J-Soul outta hiding (known to…well, those who know, as “that guy who sang his balls off on Aquanote‘s album”).

the vibe is simply raw soul. and big-ups putting an acoustic cover of “I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire” by The Inkblots as the 2nd track. no missteps, no bloated unmentionables, just 9 tracks of straight dope music.


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