a couple of months ago i put the call out (mostly via Okayplayer) for indie/bedroom artists to submit their links and/or music to a new compilation i was putting together, named after my blog as it’s intended to be exclusive to here. the idea is to expose y’all to more than the norm but shining a light in as many musical corners as possible. as a result i’ve been able to compile 24 slick tunes ranging from soulful hip hop, to beats, to spaced out dub, funk, acoustic, NEO neo soul & a track or two that i can’t really classify in the traditional sense. all up, it’s nearly 80mins of great tunes and you don’t need money to listen or enjoy the shit. all i (and i guess by extension, we) ask is you take the chance to listen and possibly discover some new favourite artists in the process 🙂

if you’d prefer a single file download check it out via Soundcloud, or grab the separated/tracked links below the tracklist.

01. kai mwaafrika – love buzz (feat. laurel hall) (3:27)
02. self – fear (3:46)
03. davu – strange days (3:09)
04. m.c. logic – maniac (m.c. logic mix) (2:24)
05. pete marriott – the kidnapping (unmixed snippet) (feat. romance) (3:07)
06. king fuvi – faster (3:40)
07. canayda – tryna get paid (rough mix) (prod. by j clyde) (3:07)
08. – return to d-funk (exclusive) (2:26)
09. proc – look (2:14)
10. pete simpson & monkz – introrude (2:32)
11. nij beats – star trek (sketch for arthur) (1:42)
12. 3.14 (pi) – el in tune with nature (2:32)
13. the essential drop – allesklar…kool (2:13)
14. cb010 – raise the bar (1:32)
15. just plain ant – another one (feat. joey ripps) (co-prod. by ohbliv) (4:11)
16. lyle horowitz – blue lights (midpoint remix) (feat. loud pack lucy) (2:49)
17. soulbrotha (aka sb) – exceptional (feat. shakara weston) (prod. by aeon) (3:35)
18. p. nom – no stress (4:04)
19. inspired flight – it always takes (option’s local zen remix) (3:55)
20. mar – our attempt (3:56)
21. justin deremo – bless no stress (3:04)
22. mon-tag – the other day (2:18)
23. room e – funeral theme (7:11)
24. jodeci – beautiful company (3:52)

runtime = 76:59.

zip | rar

over the course of the next month i will also be spotlighting each individual artist that appears on the mix with a 5 question mini-interview, so you can briefly get to know your friendly neighbourhood music-lovers.


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