The Continuing Saga of The Lonely Island’s Andy Samberg + Justin Timberlake: “3-Way (The Golden Rule)” (feat. Lady Gaga)

they're wise enough to know, when their gift needs givin (aawww u see what i did there? so clever)

what i’ve noticed so far in these Andy + JT team-ups, OTHER than the amazingly accurate fashion sense and (especially) beard-structure, is that each successive video has continued on exactly where the last one ended. eg. at the end of Dick In A Box, the boys go to jail. at the beginning of Motherlover they

are seen walking out of jail and disposing of their boxes (possibly a coy little gesture sayin that they got over the phenomenon and were eager to top it with something non-dick-in-a-box related). and in the most recent video entitled “3-Way (The Golden Rule)”, the boys sing about and justify their decision to be in a 2-guys/1-girl 3-way, featuring Lady Gaga as the female participant (who looks pretty fucking cute here in requisite 90s attire, she’s a hottie when she’s not trying to out-weirdify everyone).


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