Soulstice – In The Light (2011)

Soulstice are: Gina Rene + Gabriel Rene + Andy Caldwell + Mei Lwun

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appearing seemingly out of nowhere, Soulstice (a downtempo outfit comprising of brother/sister combo Gina Rene + Gabriel Rene (aka Aquanote), superstar DJ & producer Andy Caldwell & Mei Lwun) have re-emerged a decade after their one and only debut album “Illusions” (released in 2001). this is and can only be GOOD FREAKIN NEWS. being a self-confessed Gabe Rene nut (i adore most everything he’s ever had a hand in writing or producing), it’s great to see him, indeed the entire original band, back in the limelight as it were (that was a slight reference to the album title, i fear i’m becoming too clever and not realising puns until after i’ve written them). now instead of going straight for the blog search engines to look for a free copy, i sussed out the album’s SoundCloud page, which features the entire album available for a CD quality streaming preview, courtesy of OM Records. i’ve also linked up a few spots to purchase the album online underneath the album cover pic.

after a couple runs through, it’s another solid winner. their style remains consistent but also feels like it’s got a new coat or sheen to it. it’s classic Soulstice, but considering the caliber of artists we’re dealing with, was the quality of another album ever in question? …no, no it wasn’t (wow i just answered my own rhetorical question…i feel dirty somehow).


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