Guile Theme Goes With Everything + Beat-Off Challenge!

so the other day i was referred to a brand spankin new YouTube meme that’s currently sweeping the Internets by friend & fellow blogger Chris (of Eurasian Sensation), a stroke of genius called: Guile Theme Goes With Everything (click the link to sift thru the 4,700 variants, & growing larger every day). after busting multiple guts laughin my Family Man ass off, i became enamored with the specific version of Guile’s Theme being used in the videos (as the default version). turns out it’s a bit of a rare version used only in Super Street Fighter II. anyways, as i frequent the Okayplayer msg boards quite often, every now n then we’ll have a beat challenge, or “Beat-Off”, as it were. where anyone and everyone participates in using one sample source to make a beat, or a full song, or whatever the imagination inspires. i thought i might as well keep this Guile-related momentum going and use the theme as the sample source for a brand new Beat-Off! 🙂

this is for any and all bedroom/indy/underground producers and beatheads to participate in. the rules are simple: download the mp3 link to Guile’s Theme below, use it as the sample source to make your own composition. no other sample sources are allowed, except for the use of your own kicks, hi hats & snares & any other original elements you can add without sampling another source. once ur entry is ready, email the mp3 to remember to clearly include your artist name + title of your entry.

(Guile’s Theme)

due date for submissions is March 26th. after which voting will take place for the best entrant in The Lesson (OKP). after voting is over i will compile all the entries into one album (title still to be decided) and make it available for download right here on C.O.A.C.M. excited? …NO? WELL WHY DON’T U GO HOME AND BE A FAMILY MAN THEN, PUNK! before i go, here’s a few of my fav Guile Theme Goes With Everything memes (that is until i find funnier ones). enjoy and good luck to the participants!


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