Pointer Sisters – Automatic (1983) (RARE VIDEO CLIP)

so i was perusing my mammoth 80s funk n r&b collection, and i re-rediscovered this excellent example of synth pop r&b perfection. even more awesome was discovering this apparently rare music video of the sisters performing the song. i have already watched it 15 times in succession and am going for number 16 as we speak. it is, to my mind, the GREATEST MUSIC VIDEO OF ALL-TIME. click and be amazed. i’ve also linked up the mp3 for anyone wanting to rock this classic tune at home or in the car or wherever the fuck you like, cos really, this is bangable anytime anyplace (and yes June looks stoned off her tits, but she’s still a hottie).

Automatic was produced by Richard Perry, written by Brock Walsh & Mark Goldenberg.

(file is in .m4a format)


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