FOO FIGHTERS – Wasting Light (2011) + 1st single “Rope” & 30sec snippet of “Bridge Burning”

OHFUCKINGHELLYEASUNUVABITCHMUTHAFUCKER! i know this blog might be a little soul-centric when it comes to music, but a side of me which i have yet to fully expose on C.O.A.C.M is my undying love of all things rock, chief among all rockers my deep love of Dave Grohl & Foo Fighters. it was a moment of emotional weakness that opened up the door to their music many years ago. i guess u could call me a reverse fan. i didn’t get into em til their 3rd album, and it was the slower songs that really appealed to me more than anything else (shit like Ain’t It The Life, although i did develop a quick love of Generator which was new to me as i wasn’t really a rock head, in whatever derivative form it presented itself). in particular the song Next Year resonated the most as it was the theme song of one of my favourite tv shows of all-time, Ed (starring Tom Cavanagh). ever since then i gradually liked them more and more til i became an absolute nutjob for their music. all of it. studio albums were one things, but these guys got an immense and awesome b-side collection too.  and after 2007’s Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace album, which to me marked a cementing of their legacy, i’ve been waiting ever since to see…where exactly they could go next? and thus we come to Rope and the new album Wasting Light (due out in April), that supposedly returns the band to the sound of their debut album, is recorded entirely on analogue tape at Grohl’s home studio & is probly gonna be the grungiest the Foos have been in a LONG time. as a fan of ALL incarnations of the Foos, this is awesome news. before u go apeshit with Rope, please wet your beak with track 1 off the album called Bridges Burning, quite possibly the FUCKING COOLEST 30 SECONDS OF ANYTHING I’VE HEARD IN A LONG TIME.

and i also gotta note, i like it when aging rockers defy the career stereotype of mellowing more with age when it comes to music. i love mellow rock as much as the next undercover emo douchebag, but just cos u hit ur 40s doesn’t mean u stop getting angry at stuff or lose ur edge. i look forward to thoroughly bangin my head around to Wasting Light when it eventually explodes onto the scene (farkn APRIL?!? get here already).


01. bridge burning
02. rope
03. dear rosemary
04. white limo
05. arlandria
06. these days
07. back & forth
08. a matter of time
09. miss the misery
10. i should have known
11. walk


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