Common – The “Electric Circus” Outtakes (2002/2007)

in 2007, ?uestlove (drummer and bandleader of The Roots) leaked 4 unreleased tracks from Common & The Soulquarians Electric Circus sessions circa 2002. i was hip enuff to this development that i managed to record all 4 tracks at the time (streamed from his Myspace page). however, the sound quality on all the songs are pretty low-fi due to their unfinished nature & crappy stream quality, and they’re all instrumentals. i’ve done my best to clean em up and sound serviceable. at any point, the production players may include: James Poyser, J Dilla, Pino Pallidino, ?uestlove & Jef Lee Johnson (but since they don’t make liner notes to unreleased shit, i dunno who’s playing on what track, but we can safely assume all or most of em are present).

show fo ro (step into the ro) (2:47)
the dark (4:01)
the electric circus (4:38)
the selma hyjak show (2:48)

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