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D’ANGELO + ?UESTLOVE // “Brothers In Arms” // Live @ Brooklyn Bowl // 04/03/2013


i know everyone’s still quite antsy in the pantsy bout D‘s upcoming return with that third untitled LP, but don’t pretend like you’re not enjoying the road LEADING to that album. i don’t wanna hear anymoar complaints bout this shit. i’ll even promise to not bitch n moan about it my damn self if yous don’t. yes? ok done deal. this recent duo-only gig @ Brooklyn Bowl should help with that promise, as it throws back to those beautiful chill b-side cuts from the Voodoo sessions, ones generally involving just D’ on keys and ?uesto on drums. they step it up a notch here though as D handles keys, bass and guitar solos, re-interpreting his own material and doin a gaggle of covers as well. much love to “soundbetter” for providing the full set in pretty decent quality. lap it up D-stans!


01. go back to the thing/let me have it all (Sly & The Family Stone cover)
02. cosmic slop (Funkadelic cover)
03. woman’s gotta have it (Bobby Womack cover)
04. the line
05. you caught me smilin’/africa talks to you /the asphalt jungle (Sly & The Family Stone cover)
06. tell me if you still care (The S.O.S. Band cover)
07. our love has died (Ohio Players cover)
08. the root
09. really love
10. alright
11. mother’s son (Curtis Mayfield cover)
12. new position (Prince cover)
13. africa
14. encore break
15. lady


KING – The Story [EP] (2011)

official website | amazon.com | itunes

not only has this L.A. trio taken me by surprise, but it seems most of the music world too. all this sudden attention is apparently due to ?uestlove (of The Roots) and Phonte (of Foreign Exchange & Little Brother) co-signing em via tweets. and thus witness, the power of the Internets! yes we can be mean bastards online, but we also throw our collective weight behind undeniably beautiful music when we hear it. case in point: KING.

KING are: Anita J. Bias, Amber Tenae Strother, Paris Nicole Strother

their sound is a hybrid of traditional soul & electro-soul (+ hints of “chillwave” here n there on the production tip). some of the harmonies (while all of them gorgeous) reminds me of Stevie. i feel that as we push on into the future of music, the most productive way forward is by trying to consolidate all eras of music in whatever genres tickle ur fancy, and come up with a rich aural landscape to compliment the words. le example, the title track of the EP: The Story. instead of further trying to dissect the genre make-up of the group, i’ma say the shit’s just damn SOULFUL and K.I.M.

Hey kinda reminds me of a downtempo acoustic number that Tweet coulda made (not to be confused with Twitter, i’m talkin bout Charlene “Tweet” Keys). and here for ur enjoyment, streamed straight from King‘s own Soundcloud page, is my fav track from the 3 song EP: Supernatural. the way it LIFTS halfway through and continues to keep on building is just so beautiful that continuing to describe it will result in my making this moment gheyer than it has to be. just listen and hear for urself 🙂


01. the story (4:10)
02. supernatural (4:33)
03. hey (4:27)

there are links to buy the album up top underneath the EP cover, also hit em up on their Facebook page n show some love. even my non-music-buying ass wants a physical copy of this…lushness. the songs were written by all 3 women and produced by Paris. they’re slowly taking over the Internet at the moment, get on board NOW so you can enjoy the ride.


Common – The “Electric Circus” Outtakes (2002/2007)

in 2007, ?uestlove (drummer and bandleader of The Roots) leaked 4 unreleased tracks from Common & The Soulquarians Electric Circus sessions circa 2002. i was hip enuff to this development that i managed to record all 4 tracks at the time (streamed from his Myspace page). however, the sound quality on all the songs are pretty low-fi due to their unfinished nature & crappy stream quality, and they’re all instrumentals. i’ve done my best to clean em up and sound serviceable. at any point, the production players may include: James Poyser, J Dilla, Pino Pallidino, ?uestlove & Jef Lee Johnson (but since they don’t make liner notes to unreleased shit, i dunno who’s playing on what track, but we can safely assume all or most of em are present).

show fo ro (step into the ro) (2:47)
the dark (4:01)
the electric circus (4:38)
the selma hyjak show (2:48)

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