D’ANGELO + ?UESTLOVE // “Brothers In Arms” // Live @ Brooklyn Bowl // 04/03/2013


i know everyone’s still quite antsy in the pantsy bout D‘s upcoming return with that third untitled LP, but don’t pretend like you’re not enjoying the road LEADING to that album. i don’t wanna hear anymoar complaints bout this shit. i’ll even promise to not bitch n moan about it my damn self if yous don’t. yes? ok done deal. this recent duo-only gig @ Brooklyn Bowl should help with that promise, as it throws back to those beautiful chill b-side cuts from the Voodoo sessions, ones generally involving just D’ on keys and ?uesto on drums. they step it up a notch here though as D handles keys, bass and guitar solos, re-interpreting his own material and doin a gaggle of covers as well. much love to “soundbetter” for providing the full set in pretty decent quality. lap it up D-stans!


01. go back to the thing/let me have it all (Sly & The Family Stone cover)
02. cosmic slop (Funkadelic cover)
03. woman’s gotta have it (Bobby Womack cover)
04. the line
05. you caught me smilin’/africa talks to you /the asphalt jungle (Sly & The Family Stone cover)
06. tell me if you still care (The S.O.S. Band cover)
07. our love has died (Ohio Players cover)
08. the root
09. really love
10. alright
11. mother’s son (Curtis Mayfield cover)
12. new position (Prince cover)
13. africa
14. encore break
15. lady


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