C.O.A.C.M presents…5 Questions with: MAXPTAH

1. what’s your name, where are you from & how did you get involved with music?

MaxPtah, from Memphis, Tn. got involved just from being a fan and lover of music first. i was more into sports and my brother was the musician of the family playing the sousaphone at Grambling State and later on in the Navy. one of my cousins gave me his DR-5 to hold for a minute while he was in school and i just learned it (no instruction manual at all, lol) and that’s where it all started.

2. how did your particular track in the mix come about/is there a story behind its creation?

the emcee i did this project with, Infinito 2017, sent me some accapellas of his from a few albums he’s done already and i just remixed a few to put together this particular project. this track in particular though was already made and it just so happened that the tempo was the same. i decided to slap it on there cause Infinito is that dude and i knew it would get out there to the masses. this is probably my favorite track of any i’ve ever made.


3. who or what inspires you to create? and how do you STAY inspired?

the love of music in general for one, and some of my fellow producers in the city that i work with keep me inspired: Fathom 9, EMPEE, DJ Homework and IMAKEMADBEATS just to name a few. staying inspired is hard because life gets in the way often. i get to points i don’t want to do anything cause something else has my attention and that’s something i’ve got to get out of. music is my safehaven though. so regardless if i’m distracted somehow i’m at least listening to a lot of music and that serves as the means of staying inspired also.

4. your opinion on copyright and the sharing of music? (specifically tunes made by unsigned, under-the-radar and bedroom artists that are then shared by fans?).

i love it! i don’t like being force fed anything and i feel like that is what the mainstream is doing right now. i like hearing what these guys (and gals) have cooking up. it feels rawer and truer than what’s on the mainstream level. not to say there aren’t any artists in the mainstream that don’t have that feel, it’s just that at least with the “unsigned, under-the-radar, bedroom artists” you know for sure that they aren’t held back by anything. period.

5. the best place to listen/download/buy your tunes? and any final words you’d like to say to the Internets?

go here for everything MaxPtah. and also thanks to you for putting this compilation together and including that song in it. thanks to everyone for their support. we genuinely love every single ounce of support that comes our way, even the criticism, because that would imply that you took the time to listen to our art. also i got an album coming out in August called “Live From Everywhere” so be on the lookout for that too. Peace!

Max‘s track “El In Tune With Nature” (featuring Infinito 2017) appears on CONFESSIONS OF A CURLY MIND Vol. 1: .zip/.rar/Soundcloud.


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