COM TRUISE // KOMPUTER CAST Vol. 1 – 5 (+ “Ghostly Edition”)

being an advocate of any and everything the 80s had to offer stylistically, musically & overall aesthetically, i have of late MASSIVELY gotten into a series of podcasts/mixes by Com Truise (boss name, btw) called KOMPUTER CAST. they’re generally a nice even mix of 80s synthfunk, r&b & new wave, interspersed with his own material, 80s film soundtrack cuts and clips from classic 80s films (one also makes use of a presentation video for the Fairlight CMI). the few weeks i’ve spent living with em has further opened my eyes and ears to even more (a plethora, if u will) of 80s tunes i never knew existed (it starts with investigating one song off the tracklist on YouTube, which turns into a 4-hour sojourn of clicking the next promisingly-similar-looking “Recommended Video”). i thought it best to help share these vibes, as this shit is pretty much completing my existence right about now. yknow, in a musical way. CLICK ON THE FRONT COVER PICS FOR DIRECT DOWNLOADS OF EACH MIX VIA COM TRUISE’S OFFICIAL WEBSITE (tracklists are provided on his website & in the .zip file).



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