HUSH/SLUT – SLUTlets Vol. 1 (2012)

i’m currently in the midst of working on new music for a full 10 track LP of HUSH/SLUT material (featuring rappers, poets & singers amongst other musos (if i can get em)), and i wanted to turf some of these leftover beats i had that i wasn’t gonna do anything with. decided to release em in short but sweet bursts known as SLUTlets. 7 beats in 8mins. i know i’m bias as hayl but it’s got some pretty decent replay value. Vol. 2 is gonna be much more cohesive with around 10 beats (which is kinda what i wanna average em at).


01. hazel
02. pre-cum
03. fall
04. getting over
05. soulare
06. intracosmos
07. dread


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