Fjorde Magazine (Spring/Summer 2011 Issue) + my interviews with Kimbra, Dego + Van Hunt

another massive new issue of the ever-growing Fjorde Magazine, with a healthy focus on all local (& now international) underground fashion, arts & music. the Spring/Summer issue features my interviews with local hero Kimbra, musical chieftain/aficionado Dego (of 4hero), & the man-of-awesomeness known as Van Hunt. i try and approach my interviews mostly from the artist’s POV, and as you’ll pick up on, i have a fascination with “the process” and how it manifests for everyone differently. and i’ma just keep acting like i wasn’t completely GEEKED THE FUGG OUT when talkin to Van & Dego (Kimbra‘s cool too of course, but the other two are longtime heroes). while ur reading u might as well suss out the rest of the mag, spesh if u dig pretty pics of pretty people and pretty things.


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