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FJORDE MAGAZINE (1st issue of 2012) + my interviews with First Aid Kit & Dallas Frasca

May 2012 will mark one year that i’ve been writing for Fjorde Mag. it’s been a great learning curve on top of the ticking-off of one of my dreams: music journalism. i get to write in my own style and ask questions i’d like see artists being asked (hopefully it’s as non-boring as i think it is). basically i get to geek the fuck out by talking to established artists i’m huge longtime fans of, as well as hipping myself to more talented artists in the process. in this issue i got to chat to First Aid Kit on the phone as they chilled in Japan in between tours, and Australia’s own Dallas Frasca. u can catch the new issue online @ http://www.fjordemagazine.com.


Fjorde Magazine (Spring/Summer 2011 Issue) + my interviews with Kimbra, Dego + Van Hunt

another massive new issue of the ever-growing Fjorde Magazine, with a healthy focus on all local (& now international) underground fashion, arts & music. the Spring/Summer issue features my interviews with local hero Kimbra, musical chieftain/aficionado Dego (of 4hero), & the man-of-awesomeness known as Van Hunt. i try and approach my interviews mostly from the artist’s POV, and as you’ll pick up on, i have a fascination with “the process” and how it manifests for everyone differently. and i’ma just keep acting like i wasn’t completely GEEKED THE FUGG OUT when talkin to Van & Dego (Kimbra‘s cool too of course, but the other two are longtime heroes). while ur reading u might as well suss out the rest of the mag, spesh if u dig pretty pics of pretty people and pretty things.


FJORDE MAGAZINE (Spring 2011 Issue) + my write-up/interview with Aussie muso Josh Pyke

featuring photography by Fil Konikowski

for the past few months, i’ve been writing for local Melbourne online mag, Fjorde Magazine, which is largely a fashion magazine but with intents on expanding into all areas of modern underground culture. to that end, i was tapped to help cover all things music. i debuted in the previous issue (#3) with an interview with Quan from Little Red. for my follow-up i spoke to Aussie acoustic star Josh Pyke, an artist i admittedly didn’t know too much about before i spoke to, but did a heckuva lot of research on and ended up becoming a fan of when all was said and done. please click HERE for a link to Fjorde’s website and a link to viewing the whole ‘zine online.

oh, and my interviews with Van Hunt and Dego (of 4hero/2000black) will be in the next issue, probably due out in a couple months time. keep yours eyes peeled for THOSE 🙂