FOO FIGHTERS: Garage Tour (full length 40min video) + Aussie tour dates!

by now y’all should have a hint that i’m a big Foo Fighters nut. say what you want about all the other dope music shit i’m into and post up on my blog and elsewhere on the Interwebz, the Foo have a very special place close to my heart. their latest monster album “Wasting Light“, which was recorded on TAPE in Dave’s garage studio at home, is still going mega strong late into 2011. right now it’s easily in the official top 5 C.O.A.C.M albums of the year. on top of being kickass musicians, Grohl + the Foo have been touring the U.S. of A (and the surrounding territories) playing in peoples homes, garages, barns and basements. how often does arguably THE biggest rock band in the fucking world come down to earth and boogie with their fans? almost fucking never (should be your answer). all this while playing the big-ass tours, festivals and cutting music videos. as even more of a treat, all the footage has been compiled into one 40min full length video on teh YooToobz.

also for my Aussie brethren, the Foo have announced dates for their upcoming tour later in the year. peep below and hurry cos i think the shits may already be sold out or definitely on the way to selling out (as per the graphic, the tour will also feature Tenacious D. how fuckin rad is that?!).

28/11 @ NIB Stadium, Perth
02/12 @ AAMI Park, Melbourne
03/12 @ AAMI Park, Melbourne
05/12 @ Adelaide Oval, Adelaide
08/12 @ Sydney Football Stadium, Sydney
10/12 @ Metricon Stadium, Gold Coast

yeaaah bitch Melbourne gets TWO gigs lol. already got my tix for the Dec 3 show. grab yours here (via Frontier Touring). the first runs are all gone (July), but i think they re-open for sale mid-August (in like…5 days time? GET.ON.THAT.SHIT, y’all).


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