Deborah Bond features LEWIS TAYLOR on new album

around 6 days ago, Deborah Bond released a new song from her upcoming set (Madame Palindrome) featuring the guest vocals of none other than current retiree Lewis Taylor. the song’s called “If I Didn’t Need You”, and finds Lewis to still be in fine vocal form. but then again, it’s likely his portion was recorded at least a few years ago, pre-retirement. so while this Lewis contribution seems new to us and might signal a comeback, it’s more probable that it’s an older recording and he ain’t ever comin back. howwwwww depressing lol. regardless, the song is tight (prod. by Robbie McDonald). check it via Deborah’s SoundCloud page below.

for those who’ve forgotten who or what a Lewis Taylor is, feel free to sift through most of his catalogue via Grooveshark.


1 Comment

  1. Damn, and I thought it was an indication that he was coming out of retirement… ah well…its always good to discover new lewis taylor music.

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