The Roots x Kaidi Tatham – 75 Hans Solo Bars (Mista Vee’z Reconstruction)

a few days ago a discussion on Okayplayer lead to people making mash-ups of The Roots‘ “75 Bars (Black’s Reconstruction)“, with the intent of making the vocals fit with music that could TOP the original tune. clearly the focus is on the boom bap, so on a random spark of an idea i thought it might be good to switch the tempo up & present a non-hip hop offering. in this, my first ever attempt at a mash-up, i sped up Thought’s vocals & put it over the last few mins of an unreleased Kaidi Tatham song called “Hans Solo“, one which i snagged from his Myspace page many years ago and still regularly play to death (the shit is bananas, YouTube links below). sofar the response has been largely positive, and i had fun doin it so i hope yous dig it.



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