SBIs (Surrounded By Idiots) 1991 sessions: “It’s Like That”, “If Ur Freaky Baby” + “Skull Caps & Stripe Shirts”

SBIs, y’all: Pharrell as Magnum The Verb Lord & Timbaland as DJ Timmy T.

we’d long heard the story: both Pharrell & Timbo, being natives of the same region of the U.S., came up together on the scene and had at one stage messed around with a collab project called Surrounded By Idiots (or SBIs for short). the connection itself wasn’t a clear one to me until the leaking of the stoner-friendly Big White Spaceship around 5yrs ago (thereabouts, maybe a bit longer), but that seemed to be a much more recent and one-off collab (feat. Magoo). i’ve been more of a Timbo nut than a Pharrell stan most of my life, but the two of em together? the results could only range from interestingly-cool to awesome. well recently Tim’s A&R, Larry Live (real name Larry Lyons), released a few tracks the duo cut together in 1991,  which also feature Magoo & Larry Live on the mic. the quality of the recordings are rough as guts, the style is heavily influenced by the Native Tongues & is overall, if i may say, fucking DELIGHTFUL to hear lol. humble beginnings n alla that. sometimes a few supertalented friends fuckin around in the studio is all you need, or maybe i’m just being a dinosaur again.

and here’s Big White Spaceship in case y’all weren’t already up on it.


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