Van Hunt – The Savage, Sincere L Of P (2011)

Van Hunt promised more freebies in the lead up to the release of his new album “What Were You Hoping For?”, and after the melancholy mellow of June we’re treated to the genre-mingling rock-infused soul music he perfected on his 2nd album On The Jungle Floor (and later expanded on with the unreleased Popular), with The Savage, Sincere L(ook) Of P(leasure). it’s a short but intense up and down song that builds and crescendos with Van’s appropriately PUNKY vocals (say what you want about him as a soul dude, he’s got the pipes, axe skills & charisma to front a rock band as well if he wanted). Confessions Of A Curly Mind (aka, me) happened to be online when he dropped the track via his official Facebook page, and wasted no time in getting this bad boy onto YouTube for the rest of the world. peep, share, enjoy, and BUY this man’s new album in September.



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