Rochelle Jordan – Take Time (prod. Klash)

like i told RoJo over twitter: after waiting this long to hear the follow-up to How To Feel, i can finally replace the non-stop listening of one Rochelle Jordan track for another. Take Time (again produced by Klash) evokes the breathy self-confidence of the most stylish mid-to-late 90s r&b singers (as a big lifelong fan of Aaliyah, baby-girl is the most obvious comparison). the pretty visual is a bonus (ain’t she cute as hell?), but it’s her command of harmony and songwriting  that’s got the widespread attention of the Interwebs, after only two songs. can’t wait til the mixtape drops.


oh, and if the sample sounds familiar to my audiophiles out there (heard during the verses, before the beat-switch), that’s the O.G. technically-unreleased version of Fantastic Vampere by Sa-Ra Creative Partners (an equally awesome song, peep it below).


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