Vahé – The Melancholy Metro (2004)

following on with the Gil Scott-Heron vibe, i previously used “Song For Bobby Smith (Alternate Take)” in a 2004 compilation called “The Melancholy Metro”, a very downer and demure mix i made whilst in the throes of massive heartache. i present the mix for y’all today in memory of the man and his passing. and also in memory of Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, a film which served as the impetus and continuing inspiration for making this mix in the first place (a couple of Jon Brion‘s songs from the soundtrack/score appear in the mix). stream/download it as one single file via the newly minted Confessions Of A Curly Mind SoundCloud page.


01. jon brion – down the drain
02. gary jules – mad world
03. sandboy – pomegranate (feat. nanar vorperian)
04. antonio carlos jobim – once i loved (feat. shirly horn)
05. beady belle – april fool
06. miles davis – take it or leave it
07. beck – everybody’s gotta learn sometime
08. red hot chili peppers – porcelain
09. tricky – hell is around the corner
10. portishead – only you
11. cinematic orchestra – burnout
12. gil scott-heron & brian jackson – song for bobby smith (alternate take)
13. jeff buckley – the other woman
14. massive attack – sly
15. sleepy’s theme – 4:30am


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