The UnFunkWitables (UFK) – Mix #003: VOXBOX (by BASSCLEF)


both the UFK and this BLAUG have been on a bit of a hiatus the last couple months, this is for a bunch of reasons, none of which relates to music or awesome 80s neon pastel colours. but during that time off BASSCLEF, one half of The UnFunkWitables crew, was busy prepping the next huge installment of our monthly/bi-monthly mix series unearthing the greatest 80s funk n’ r&b gems out there. from what he tells me, BASSCLEF mixed the whole thing while running away from Biff Tannen on a hoverboard, but then he hit a body of water and…well, everyone knows hoverboards don’t work on water. these minor distractions aside, we are proud to present Mix #003: VOXBOX. in this installment, BASSCLEF takes us on a journey of wavering tempos, eras & facets of funk/r&b that the 80s so abundantly had to offer. pump this loud and come say hi to Mista Vee + BASSCLEF @ the official Facebook & Twitter pages 🙂


01. active force – keep on rockin’
02. active force – rise up
03. zapp – heartbreaker (part i, part ii)
04. dick smith – sunny
05. diane richards – forget about your lady
06. five star – let me be the one
07. gayle adams – love fever
08. kleeer – intimate connection
09. klique – inside me
10. jerry knight – fire
11. i level – give me
12. jane child – don’t wanna fall in love (7″ remix version)
13. mason & dayo – party on the corner
14. one way – cutie pie
15. stacy lattisaw – sneakin’ out
16. rufus & chaka khan – better together
17. tanya love – change
18. tyrone brunson – the smurf
19. nocera – summertime summertime
20. alisha – too turned on
21. the jonzun crew – space is the place
22. midnight star – freak-a-zoid
23. zinga – calling mr. t
24. foxxy – get off
25. tom hooker – only one
26. jeanette lady day – come let me love you
27. maurice mcgee – do i do
28. chemise – she can’t love you
29. carrie lucas – show me where you’re coming from
30. deniece williams – causing a commotion
31. david koven – désolé
32. diane tell – souvent, longtemps, enormement
33. alfonzo surrett – gotta be love



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