FOO FIGHTERS – Wasting Light (2011) + 1st single “Rope” & 30sec snippet of “Bridge Burning”

OHFUCKINGHELLYEASUNUVABITCHMUTHAFUCKER! i know this blog might be a little soul-centric when it comes to music, but a side of me which i have yet to fully expose on C.O.A.C.M is my undying love of all things rock, chief among all rockers my deep love of Dave Grohl & Foo Fighters. it was a moment of emotional weakness that opened up the door to their music many years ago. i guess u could call me a reverse fan. i didn’t get into em til their 3rd album, and it was the slower songs that really appealed to me more than anything else (shit like Ain’t It The Life, although i did develop a quick love of Generator which was new to me as i wasn’t really a rock head, in whatever derivative form it presented itself). in particular the song Next Year resonated the most as it was the theme song of one of my favourite tv shows of all-time, Ed (starring Tom Cavanagh). ever since then i gradually liked them more and more til i became an absolute nutjob for their music. all of it. studio albums were one things, but these guys got an immense and awesome b-side collection too.  and after 2007’s Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace album, which to me marked a cementing of their legacy, i’ve been waiting ever since to see…where exactly they could go next? and thus we come to Rope and the new album Wasting Light (due out in April), that supposedly returns the band to the sound of their debut album, is recorded entirely on analogue tape at Grohl’s home studio & is probly gonna be the grungiest the Foos have been in a LONG time. as a fan of ALL incarnations of the Foos, this is awesome news. before u go apeshit with Rope, please wet your beak with track 1 off the album called Bridges Burning, quite possibly the FUCKING COOLEST 30 SECONDS OF ANYTHING I’VE HEARD IN A LONG TIME.

and i also gotta note, i like it when aging rockers defy the career stereotype of mellowing more with age when it comes to music. i love mellow rock as much as the next undercover emo douchebag, but just cos u hit ur 40s doesn’t mean u stop getting angry at stuff or lose ur edge. i look forward to thoroughly bangin my head around to Wasting Light when it eventually explodes onto the scene (farkn APRIL?!? get here already).


01. bridge burning
02. rope
03. dear rosemary
04. white limo
05. arlandria
06. these days
07. back & forth
08. a matter of time
09. miss the misery
10. i should have known
11. walk


Common – The “Electric Circus” Outtakes (2002/2007)

in 2007, ?uestlove (drummer and bandleader of The Roots) leaked 4 unreleased tracks from Common & The Soulquarians Electric Circus sessions circa 2002. i was hip enuff to this development that i managed to record all 4 tracks at the time (streamed from his Myspace page). however, the sound quality on all the songs are pretty low-fi due to their unfinished nature & crappy stream quality, and they’re all instrumentals. i’ve done my best to clean em up and sound serviceable. at any point, the production players may include: James Poyser, J Dilla, Pino Pallidino, ?uestlove & Jef Lee Johnson (but since they don’t make liner notes to unreleased shit, i dunno who’s playing on what track, but we can safely assume all or most of em are present).

show fo ro (step into the ro) (2:47)
the dark (4:01)
the electric circus (4:38)
the selma hyjak show (2:48)

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Dilla Month: Miguel Atwood-Ferguson’s “Suite For Ma Dukes”

Dilla tributes have come in many interesting forms over the years since his passing in 2006. one of the richest and coolest ones has been the awesome efforts of Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and his Suite For Ma Dukes Orchestra re-interpreting Dilla’s classic productions. here are some clips of a few of em. i’m told there was a full dvd of these released at some point last year.


Squareone (of B-Side Radio) talks to Turquoise Jeep CEO’s Flynt Flossy & Whatchyamacallit

new friend to the Confessions BLAUG, Squareone (and his rather dope Chi-City Blog), recently alerted me to the latest podcast of his own B-Side Radio program, which features none other than The Jeep’s founding fathers in a chill, informative & funny phone chat. wanna put a regular speaking voice to F Dot Floss & Whatchya? ur in luck. click below to download the mp3.


[original blog post + link here].


Dilla Month: “J Dilla – Still Shining” Documentary (by Brian “BKyle” Atkins)


it’s taken me almost all month to work up the emotional fortitude to really blog my little broken heart out about James “J Dilla/Jay Dee” Yancey, a true musical spirit who departed our plain of existence on Feb 10, 2006 due to an on-going battle with lupus. i feel like, instead of giving some half-assed tribute, i wanted to make a string of “Dilla Month” posts from now until the end of the month spotlighting all things Dilla, and really concentrate on how he changed MY life and how i approached music (so i guess a more introspective personal take on his lasting legacy). i would however like to begin with a documentary video shot and compiled by long-time Okayplayer affiliate BKyle, most of the footage being from 2006 (post-funeral) mixed in with some rare live footage of Slum Village performing, and candid scenes of Dilla’s fam + extended fam (including testimonials from Common, Bilal, Erykah Badu, ?uestlove (of The Roots), Pete Rock, James Poyser, Karriem Riggins, Houseshoes, Phat Kat, Dwele & others).

props to BKyle & The J Dilla Project, which are hosting the video on their website via Vimeo: The J Dilla Project.


The UnFunkWitables (UFK) – Mix #002 (by Mista Vee)

Mix #002

The UFK return for another round of nonstop 80s funk, boogie, r&b and soul gems. after first round heat from BASSCLEF on Mix #001, Mista Vee turns it up a notch with 38 of the phattest jams ever recorded but seldom heard.


01. the night people – night person
02. keith & darrell – work that body
03. ltd – kickin back
04. armenta & majik – you’re my one
05. barbara jeyne – i like the way you move
06. cheryl lynn – if you’ll be true to me
07. the horne section – ladyshine
08. celena duncan – shine on
09. collage – in the mix
10. marshall titus – take a chance
11. junko ohashi – dancing
12. katie kissoon – you’re the one
13. blue feather – let’s funk tonight (instrumental)
14. brothers ii – you
15. young and company – i like (what you’re doing to me)
16. ritchie family – alright on the night
17. cameron – magic of you
18. jimmy ross – first true love affair
19. ndugu & the chocolate jam co. –  send you my love
20. sinnamon – thanks to you
21. active force – cold blooded lover
22. maurice massiah – we can go to your house
23. dynasty – day and night
24. kashif – stone love
25. masayoshi takanaka – chill me out
26. james otis jr. – baby come on
27. klymaxx – don’t hide your love
28. francois feldman & yellowhand – you want every night
29. enchantment – i know you’re hot
30. empress – give in to love
31. zafra bros. – will you see me tonight
32. evan rogers – secret love
33. mighty fire – sixth street
34. phillys st. james – candelight afternoon
35. stephanie – funky school
36. wendell morrison – what it be like
37. street angels – dressing up
38. stephen washington – please don’t go


please spread the word, help the funk ease the suffering of the masses, send people to our Facebook page 🙂 an official website is currently in the works. for now, we’d appreciate a ‘like’ on FB and any re-blogging or tweeting of our stuff. peace & may the spirit of the funk be with u.


BRAND NEW TURQUOISE JEEP SMANGER!: Flynt Flossy – Did I Mention I Like To Dance

not only do the Turquoise Jeep camp know how to make classic tracks for u to sing along to, we now know for certain that pretty much all of em can bust a move somethin fierce! the beat is once again provided by Tummiscratch and it’s The Jeep at its most clubbiest (music-wise). HOWEVER, Flynt’s dancing prowess is the real star of this song and vid.

once my high-speed Internets kicks back in next week i’ma be practicing the moves in my bedroom, WORD BOND.


10 Coolest Things I Found On YouTube: 27/01/2011 – 15/02/2011


hellooooo BLAUG-O-SPHERE (aka The Sphere of BLAUGATION). even on a crappy-ass 128kpbs Internets connection, i managed to compile an entertaining collection of YouTube beedios for the purpose of laughter and “holy shit!”ing urself out of boredom. emjoy (gently).

Shifty-Eyed Dog

the very end of Season 11 ep 1’s Beyond Blunderdome, which features Mel Gibson as himself. Homer presents the shifty-eyed dog idea to Mel as a possible addition to his new film, noting that the easiest way to make someone or something look shifty is to have a close-up of their darting eyes with ominous music lol. the ep is also notable for Mel accurately predicting his shortcomings (drinking, speeding).

*I’ll* Have A Twist Of Lemon

i often associate my love for Punch-Drunk Love (2002) with L.A. Story (1991), a Steve Martin written and directed ode to love (Steve also stars as the protagonist). the quirky approach to love seems to be the main thread that holds them inside the cockles of my heart, somewhere deep in the inner-cockular region.

Intestiana Jones

Machete (2010) was just one big fat giant WIN. would love to see the sequels that are jokingly referred to at the end of the film.

Harley Quinn – Say That We’re Sweethearts Again

after months of watching the complete Batman Animated toon series in order from beginning to end (i only have a handful of eps left til i get back to Batman Beyond again), i realised that this is THE greatest incarnation of the Batverse ever created. it has a pretty violent and adult tone, and stays very true to its own continuity. among all of that, there are genuinely classic smile-inducing moments, most of em involving Harley Quinn (voiced by the inimitable Arleen Sorkin). in the episode Harlequinade, she performs a light-hearted but dark number titled Say That We’re Sweethearts Again, originally performed by Virginia O’Brien from the 1944 film Meet The People.

Stu Unleashes Hell at Approximately 4:02 A.M

another (sofar) underground YouTube video meme/fad, which features the mangling of a scene involving Stu Pickles from Rugrats waking up at 4am to make Angelica some chocolate pudding.


i finally cleared a Saturday night a couple weeks back specifically to watch the epic beast of an action film known as The Rock (1996) (Cage, Connery). IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT (and with that cast? how could it).

Sometimes The Bar…He Eats YOU

i could watch an entire film consisting of nothing but The Stranger & The Dude sitting at a bar talking shit. one of many classic moments from The Big Lebowski (1998). what’s interesting to note in this clip, is that The Stranger (played by Sam Elliot) is mangling this oft-used line: he’s either adding a gender to the bar, or mispronouncing the word “bear” lol. either way it’s fucking gold.

Powdered Toast Man Saves The President

“i, Powdered Toast Man, do solemnly swear to RELIEVE the American citizens…of their basic human rights”. there isn’t much that can match the manic genius of Ren & Stimpy and their side-characters.

Bicycles: Not Just For Riding Anymore

Diana Amft as “Inke” accidentally having an orgasm while riding her bike lol. cute. from the film Mädchen, Mädchen (2001).

Oswald Bates – Keep Your Butt In School

“allow me to expose my colon, once again”.


The Maxwell Files – …Til The Cops Come Knockin’ (The Opus) (1996)

in the interest of broadcasting nothing but quality audio gems, i present to you the sexiest incarnation of Maxwell‘s debut single as an artist back in 1996: …Til The Cops Come Knockin’. as was the case with all of Maxwell’s singles from Urban Hang Suite & Embrya, this CD single features an extended cut of the song (in 3 parts) and a companion b-side (i say “companion” cos the sound and subject matter of Lock U Up N’ Luv Fa Days stays close to the narrative of TTCCK). over the coming weeks i will be sporadically chucking up most of Max’s singles under the title The Maxwell Files, simply because the time and dedication he had to craft his singles as ‘expansion packs’, almost always containing one or two remixed versions of the song (and a sweet b-side), should be revered and remembered. the thought that went into them really shows Max’s dedication to maintaining the overall story that’s being told (over the course of his first two studio albums) and a dedication to further mythologising his artistic persona.

that and tracks 02-04 is some of the sexiest music u will ever hear in ur lifetimes (track 01 is merely the radio edit of the original album version and can be skipped, the real fun starts at track 02).


01. cut (4:13)
02. pt. 01 (6:53)
03. pt. 02 (5:42)
04. pt. 3 (uncut) (6:02)
05. lock u up n’ love fa days (p+4) (5:25)

zip | rar

(links updated as of 28/06/2015)

a pair of women’s shoes + table n wall patterns that transport u to some kinda sensual bohemian wonderland, the front cover to Max’s debut album is but one part of a whole story

i have always loved Maxwell‘s aesthetic from the get-go, cos in an era when everything was incorporating more and more hip hop, Max reached further back to reignite & present anew the sound of 80s soul, r&b and funk. he seemingly debuted as a complete ‘artiste’, carving his own lane in the supposed musical resurgence known as “neo-soul” (a simple but effective title, & one i never saw as a point of derision). but he always stood out, he had a little extra x factor that couldn’t be easily duplicated. it ranges from his appearance to the badass musicians he’s surrounded himself with over the years, all the way to picking his debut single from his debut album (which, at his behest, features his face on the back cover instead of the front: Max’s way of putting the focus on the music & the narrative). …Til The Cops, as the story goes, was his personal choice for 1st single, whereas the label were more comfortable with sure bets like Ascension (Don’t Ever Wonder) & Sumthin’ Sumthin’ (hits-in-the-making). the video, which is at times derided by fans for being too simplistic, is among my favourite Maxwell music videos. the concept? Max takes a young lady into a hotel/motel (room 508 to be exact) and proceeds to seduce her by crawling and slithering all over the place. oh and hey, that’s some nice frign wallpaper!

the song itself (after a bit of reflection), funnily enough, is not Maxwell‘s signature sound, which makes it yet another intriguing choice for 1st single. the music is (if anything) a heavy nod to R. Kelly’s 12 Play era of sexy slow-jams, cept jazzed up to the hilt. M’s true sound lay in clean crisp drums, live slapped basslines & keyboard melodies n riffs that are nothing short of instant vintage, not to mention timeless. again, this single is an interesting choice to lead off with cos we’re thrown right into the middle of the story, narrative-wise. but dammit, it WORKS. …Til The Cops may not have been the song that sent Maxwell rocketing to stardom, it IS however one of the coolest n sexiest (and ballsiest, to some extent) debuts for an artist i’ve ever heard.

& finally here’s a preview of the extended cut via YouTube, where some kind soul has mixed in tracks 02 & 03 (pt. 01 + 02) to form one luscious piece of ‘jazzsexy’ (c).