The UnFunkWitables (UFK) – Mix #001 (by BASSCLEF)

Mix #001

my older brother (aka BASSCLEF) and i (going by the general nom de plume Mista Vee, one which i’ve had before i knew there was a Mr. V on the scene) both share a passionate love of a genre of music we’ve dubbed, Obscure 80s Funk. France calls it boogie music, a genre that’s not quite disco and not quite JB funk, but a wonderful hybrid that is maybe only recently coming back in popularity, as is apparent by more and more neo-80s electro-funk acts on the scene. the more synth-tinged nature of the music could even be traced as the root of the current dominant electro-house. or perhaps ur just a fan of funky phat basslines, bangin drums, reverbed handclaps, spacey synth solos and 7min jams with a groovy breakdown around the 5min mark that consists of nothin but drums and poppin bass. simply put, the music is hard to resist. and we’ve found it hard to resist the pull of being the pushers of this sound. clearly we’re not the only ones, but we’d like to make a worthy addition to an oft-ignored genre that is simply littered with funky gems waiting to be heard.


01. liesette wilson – caveman boogie
02. leroy burgess – get down friday night
03. aurra – make up your mind
04. class action – weekend
05. fonda rae – over like a fat rat
06. aretha franklin – get it right
07. pure energy – spaced out
08. northend & michelle wallace – it’s right
09. earons – video baby
10. unlimited touch – searching to find the one
11. grace jones – la vie en rose
12. blair – nightlife
13. heatwave – the groove line
14. neney – candye lover boy
15. prince – extra lovable
16. mazarati – 100mph
17. madame x – just that type of girl
18. bobby nunn – she’s just a groupie
19. dolette mcdonald – xtra special
20. pleasure – give it up
21. pleasure – sending my love (synth solo by BASSCLEF)
22. the nick straker band – a little bit of jazz
23. steve shelto – don’t give your love away
24. inner life – moment of my life
25. invisible man’s band – all night thing
26. carl bean – i was born this way
27. komikko – feel alright
28. collage – do you like our music
29. high fashion – feelin lucky lately
30. total constrast – takes a little time
31. the time – get it up
32. donna washington – you can’t hide from the boogie
33. shalamar – don’t try to change me


expect a new mix from myself mid-Feb. follow us on our Facebook page to recieve updates. new mixes will be posted there & here, as well as on the individual UFK page on the homepage of this blog. a website and pod-o-matic page are forthcoming. please spread the word 🙂


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