JERMISIDEonly 2 more interviews to go in the long-running series focusing on Pete Marriott‘s new album #REALHIPHOP, featuring emcee Jermiside.

VEE: before we get into it, could you kindly introduce (or re-introduce) yourself to the folks at home? how’d you get into this music thing and what continues to drive you to pursue it?

JERMISIDE: I’m Jermiside. Rapper/Producer & Lessondary Crew affiliate. Lover of all things creative.

VEE: how did your contribution to #REALHIPHOP come about & had you worked with Pete before?

JERMISIDE: This track came about from me having a good working relationship with the homie MegaRan. If I remember correctly Ran hit me up with the track and asked if I’d like to jump on it and if anybody knows me I’m always up for a feature. Its funny you ask this question because I had forgotten me and Pete were label mates for a short stint. I did 8 bars for a remix of his song “The Champ is Here” a while ago.

VEE: what is your writing process like & how involved do you get with the producer when coming up with topics or themes?

JERMISIDE: My writing process as of late is just sitting down with the track and seeing where the music takes me, sometimes people already have a concept in mind which is cool because it makes my job easier. I’m actually trying to get back to writing without beats like how I started, just to focus more on my lyrics.

VEE: this may seem like an overdone question to ask, but considering the album’s bold title, what is your own personal definition or interpretation of “real hip hop”?

JERMISIDE: Real Hip-Hop to me is genuinely expressing yourself in hip-hop form. My definition really has nothing to do with how it actually sounds. Like for example someone might say Migos isn’t real hip-hop BUT to me they are. They came in the game with a unique style, they care about bars & delivery, they’re hungry, its more the intent than the content if that makes sense.

VEE: what’s the last piece of hip hop music you heard that flipped your wig?

JERMISIDE: Freddie Gibbs & MadlibRobes” and anything by Tall Black Guy.

VEE: last but not least, where can people go to check out your music or to get at you for shows or features?




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