after a brief respite, we’re kickin on with the last handful of interviews with the featured artists offa Pete Marriott‘s solo LP #REALHIPHOP.


VEE: before we get into it, could you kindly introduce (or re-introduce) yourself to the folks at home? how’d you get into this music thing and what continues to drive you to pursue it?

JUNCLASSIC: Peace. My Name Is junclassic (one word all small letters). I Got Into HipHop By Rhyming In The Cafeteria And On Street Corner Cyphers In The Mid 90s. Found I Had A Passion For It and People Dug My Punchline Prowess and Passionate Delivery. I Found Writing As A Great Form Of Therapy. Thats What Kept Me Doing It Till This Day.

VEE: how did your contribution to #REALHIPHOP come about & had you worked with Pete before?

JUNCLASSIC: Pete Did A Dope Mix For Me Called 7 Modes Of junclassic Back In 2011. He Dug My Work and Asked If We Could Collab. Once I Heard His Beatwork I Agreed Immediately. I Am Proud Of The Two Joints We Have On The #RealHipHop Project.

VEE: what is your writing process like & how involved do you get with the producer when coming up with topics or themes?

JUNCLASSIC: Unless The Producer Has A Specific Topic In Mind, I Listen To The Beat and Let It Direct Me. Pete Let Me Do Me On Both Joints I Have On His New Project. “Foundation” Is A Political Joint, Speaking On The Ills Of Society From The Consequences of Global Warming To The Prevalence Of Self Hatred In The Hood. “Gotta Get It” is More Of A Celebratory Song With A Dope Bounce To It.

VEE: this may seem like an overdone question to ask, but considering the album’s bold title, what is your own personal definition or interpretation of “real hip hop”?

JUNCLASSIC: Real Hip Hop Is Hip Hop Done From The Heart. Its Not About Posturing Or Spitting What You Think People Want To Hear. Nowadays I Think You Can Hear The Difference. Real Hip Hop Is For People Living and Dealing With Reality, Not Fantasy.

VEE: what’s the last piece of hip hop music you heard that flipped your wig?

JUNCLASSIC:Broken” Featuring Scarface Off The Pinata LP With Freddie Gibbs and Madlib. That Beat Is So Soulful. And It Was Dope To hear Gangsta Gibbs Talk About Stuff Outside Of Being Gangsta, Like His Estranged Relationship With His Parents and His Father Being A Crooked Cop. Gives The Listener More Understanding As To Why Gibbs Got Into That Gangsta Sh*t.

VEE: last but not least, where can people go to check out your music or to get at you for shows or features?

JUNCLASSIC: Thank You For This Interview. Huge Shout Out To Pete Marriott. I Describe His Beatwork As A Hybrid Between Pete Rock and Timbaland. Yep. He’s That Unique. And Dope. You Can Peep My Music At Also Get At Me For Bookings and Features Via Stay Up. Peace.



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