blogging’s a bitch, right?

dear Internets,

no i haven’t gone away or abandoned my lil e-home. just been cookin up a whole buncha stuff and haven’t had the chance to spread the good vibes through my own damn blog. its one part being too busy, one part extreme fucking laziness.

but that’s kinda the beauty of havin’ ur own thing, i’m only on my own deadlines and only i can disappoint myself if i get lazy. subsequently, only i can motivate myself to get it back n up n running again in some sort of semi-consistent way. alls i can say is, i’ve been crankin out some mixes lately, so look out for those.

and some more epic-style articles i been mulling over in my dark corner of the apartment (MAD mad-scientistesque imagery now that i think about). i’m currently entangled in writing a fucking treatise on maxwell that venerates both the artist and his 1998-released 2nd LP embrya. it’s been delayed a bit cos i wanna get it fucking RIGHT lol. there’s too much to say and it needs to make sense.

anyways, let’s talk soon.


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