C.O.A.C.M presents…5 Questions with: DAVU

1. what’s your name, where are you from & how did you get involved with music?

my name is Davu Flint, i’m from Pittsburgh PA, i’m from a musical family: my grandfather, uncles, brother and sister are all great musicians, so music was all over. plus Pittsburgh is a very creative place with a lot of great artists to collaborate and build with. it was a great musical education.

2. how did your particular track in the mix come about/is there a story behind its creation?

i was at my girl’s house when i heard the sample, which was this old Death joint…so i headed home and chopped it up, laid the bassline on the Rhodes, and it kinda came together real lovely. it’s one of those joints you make late at night, when the world is still and quiet, and at the time i was living out in Ocean Beach in San Francisco, which is mad peaceful, and all those things definitely comes through the vibe of the track i think…

3. who or what inspires you to create? and how do you STAY inspired?

the ever consuming desire to go All-World for props, getting up, the need to inspire blatant acts of ill shit, gear (both music and otherwise), comic books, musicians, old films and living in California keep me inspired and in the lab. inspiration is where u find it.

4. your opinion on copyright and the sharing of music? (specifically tunes made by unsigned, under-the-radar and bedroom artists that are then shared by fans?)

please take my music wherever you can find it. spread the word. tell ya Moms. please.

5. the best place to listen/download/buy your tunes? and any final words you’d like to say to the Internets?

davu.bandcamp.com has my latest record: “Soundbytes And Stereotypes”, which is a record i’m really proud of. it’s just some soulful spacey ill shit i made. cop that. stay tuned for an instrumental version of the album as well as a new EP, “The Life and Times”, in August.

peace, love and stay tuned…

Davu‘s track “Strange Days” appears exclusively on CONFESSIONS OF A CURLY MIND Vol. 1. available from either the .zip or .rar files (as separated n tracked) or as single-file mix via Soundcloud.


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