6 more HUSH/SLUT tracks (5 remixes + 1 original)

a little while back i introduced y’all to my new music alias, HUSH/SLUT. it’s only been a month that i’ve been living with this name, but as always, a new moniker somehow helps me churn the music out at record pace. i managed to crank out 5 originals and 5 remixes in that time, all of which i’m rather proud of (tho some mixing issues still abound). i debuted on this blog with 4 originals, i now add to the collection 1 more original and 5 remixes for ur listening and/or downloading pleasure. hope you can dig the vibe i was goin for.


Dwele – I Think I Love You (HUSH/SLUT Remix)

Lucy Pearl – Dance Tonight (HUSH/SLUT Remix)

People Under The Stairs – The Wiz (HUSH/SLUT Remix)

1st Down – Front Street (HUSH/SLUT Remix)

The Roots – Don’t See Us (HUSH/SLUT Remix) (feat. Dice Raw)

HUSH/SLUT – Spaces & Places


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