Dave Grohl: TOUCH (Soundtrack) (1997)

it may not be blindingly obvious just from taking a cursory look on this blog, but i am a huge, HUGE fan of pretty much all of Dave Grohl‘s music (and therefore a massive Foo Fighters nut). every year i try to dig and find more stuff by the man that was previously unheard, unknown or forgotten. so some time back i discovered a song called “How Do You Do” from a soundtrack to the film Touch (starring Skeet Ulrich). turns out Dave was the maestro in charge of the film’s entire score/soundtrack. so in essence, “Touch” is a mostly-instrumental solo album by Dave (with a few tracks being credited to one of his earlier alias’, Late). the more i listen to this, the more i see it as a gorgeous signpost filling in the evolving Foo sound between “The Colour And The Shape” & “There Is Nothing Left To Lose”. that is, heavy doses of melancholy chords with a few uptempo bright spots, and a couple of tracks featuring the same standard bossa nova beat he ended up using on “Stacked Actors”. far as i know this OST still remains floating around in the ether unbeknownst to most fans, which is sad cos truth is it’s a bit of a gem.

01. Bill Hill Theme (4:04)
02. August Murray Theme (3:38)
03. How Do You Do (3:14)
04. Richie Baker’s Miracle (1:04)
05. Making Popcorn (2:33)
06. Outrage (2:20)
07. Saints In Love (3:12)
08. Spinning Newspapers (2:50)
09. Remission My Ass (0:38)
10. Scene 6 (4:28)
11. This Loving Thing (Lynn’s Song) (3:09)
12. Final Miracle (2:38)
13. Touch (3:33)




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