Vahé:LeisureCAST – 021. I’m A Mess

Vahé:LeisureCAST – 021. I’m A Mess

after what seems like an eternity (roughly 10 months, in fact), the LeisureCAST mix series finally returns with one intense, glorious, rocked-out 78mins. i mean think about it: 10 months. i change my musical obsession DAILY. the amount of music i’ve managed to be exposed to and absorb over that time has been immense, not to mention really fucking exciting lol. as is always the way, my foray into thrash/noise/stoner/psychedelic rock (modern variants) is what finally sparked me to get back in the game. this is definitely not something a long-time listener might dig or even expect, but it is what it is. and “it” just happens to be fucking kick-ass 🙂 you may have noticed the cover is the first real stylistic shift from the previous standard template i’ve been using. i figure it’s time to get more creative all-around. you can download the mix either in its separate track/chopped format (via mediafire), or stream/download the one-track file directly from the Soundcloud link below. hope y’all dig it 🙂


01. the roots – !!!!!!!
02. thee monkey butlers – ook ook!
03. fatso jetson – rail job
04. radio moscow – little eyes
05. flanders – evolution by selection
06. guadalupe plata – pollo podrío
07. wooden shjips – lazy bones
08. melt-banana – surfin’ usa
09. el camino – chungo’s ganja (demo version)
10. litmus – in the burning light
11. kinski – punching goodbye out front
12. lüger – dracula’s chauffeur wants more
13. calibro 35 – summertime killer
14. bob log iii – you wanna what
15. eidetic seeing – it’s brick out
16. causa sui – gelassenheit
17. astra – the rising of the black sun
18. interkosmos – rockit

runtime = 78:21.



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