The Weeknd – House Of Balloons (2011) + “What You Need”

these days the name of the game is ‘random finds’, and in an era where any person with musical aptitude and access to the internet can make a dent, sometimes they make a muthafuckin SPLASH instead. a good example was the accumulative blow-up effect of L.A. trio King, who recently took over the entire web as the next undiscovered awesome musical entity. well now i proudly add The Weeknd to this list. real name Abel Tesfaye, he’s a Toronto native & sang on and self-released “House Of Balloons”, which i think is officially regarded as a ‘mixtape’ although most ppl consider it a fully-formed, sonically & thematically-unified true album. Abel’s songs under The Weeknd moniker first leaked in 2010, the album being released for free via his website in March of this year (the first of a planned trilogy, all coming in 2011). the album was produced entirely by Canadian producers Doc McKinney and Illangelo. i’ve yet to listen to the album as i can’t seem to get over “What You Need”. once i get sick of the song (which should be in a few weeks time once i’ve worn it the fugg out), i’ll give it a listen. but i’m confident enough from that one song to make this post and throw my weighty props behind this release.


 01. high for this
02. what you need
03. house of balloons/glass table girls
04. the morning
05. wicked games
06. the party & after party
07. coming down
08. loft music
09. the knowing



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