Vahé – Every Man Is An Island (Ruff Mix)

possible album cover

i used to make beats, sometimes even these musical entities called “songs”. recently i had a mini resurgence and created this ruff draft beat using Leisure Suit Larry 3 music as the sample source. i kinda dig it. the vibe is all thoughtful n shit, n slightly melancholy. the pic i used is from a trip i took to a place called Green Island off the coast of Cairns. added to the sun/water theme is a lil quote i snagged from Dark City (it’s the two voices u hear near the end).

it’s from a beattape-type project i’m currently working on, tentatively titled Ken Sent Me, named so cos i’ll be using LSL game music as the main sample sources (minus drums and other random shit). the undercurrent seems to be a yearning for the idyllic island life (or at least that’s the story i’m sticking to).



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