Dumhi – The Whole World’s Watching (2011)

official website | bandcamp | youtube | twitter | vimeo | myspace

man, the pool of talent that i’ve witnessed emerge via hangin around Okayplayer is astounding. it’s even cooler seeing their talents and artistic skills rise and rise.  Dumhi is the core collective of producer Haj & emcees Shameless Plug & Mash Comp. their latest project is The Whole World’s Watching (WWW), and it’s available now for free (for a limited time) @ their bandcamp page. follow the links above to suss out more of their sounds.

here’s a sample track from the album, Fourth Of July (feat. Reef The Lost Cause).

or sift through the entire release via bandcamp (free download is only available for a limited time, otherwise u can purchase it from any of the links above).


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