FOO FIGHTERS: music videos for “Rope” & “White Limo” + trailer for the upcoming documentary film: “Back And Forth”

2011 is shaping up to be another YEAR OF THE FOO. this event happens pretty much every and any time the band releases new material, as there’s usually a string of hit singles, awesome album tracks & better-than-you-think-they-are-cos-you’ve-probly-never-heard-them b-sides. and for up to a year after its release, a new Foo Fighters album will rule my world. this year, however, is particularly special as the band have their very own doco film coming out in April entitled Back And Forth. it’s directed by Oscar winner James Moll & covers the Foos entire career, all the way up to including the garage band recording style of their latest album Wasting Light (the band now seems to be officially at 5 ppl with the return of Pat Smear). peep the trailer below.

on top of that, the DIY music vid for the first single Rope was also just released (directed by Dave Grohl).

White Limo is another awesome choon that the boys made a vid to (also DIY style) as an homage to classic 80s hard rock videos (quite effective in its simplicity, this is the kinda video the Foos were built to make). and yes that’s Lemmy from Motörhead as the limo driver.

let the YEAR OF THE FOO commence! 🙂


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