Jaspects – Be Your Man

every single day of my life is an exercise in musical exploration. meaning if you immerse yourself in enough music on a daily basis, chances are one or two songs will STICK to you and you will, for all intents and purposes, fall the fuck in love. with a song. not a person, AUDIO. it’s hard to understand for some, but easy for others. this song in particular is from the spacey album The Polkadotted Stripe by Jaspects. these guys are usually one to play live soul/jazz/funk shit, this most recent album takes a turn toward club muzak, but done with a lil bit soul and stamped with a certain Jaspects flava. it’s a little hard to describe. listening to this conjured up mixed feelings at first: you think it’s gonna be a lame auto-tuned club track, but it turns into something quite lovely by the time the chorus comes along. and by then you should be hooked (hopefully).


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