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Raphael Saadiq – Good Man

the follow-up single from Raph’s upcoming album Stone Rollin’. the orchestral arrangement on this is somethin lovely. sounds like the pre-hype is living up to its promise of stepping it up a level from The Way I See It. this and Radio make it 2/2. can’t wait to hear the rest.


Raphael Saadiq drops new single, “Radio” (from forthcoming album “Stone Rollin”)

Saadiq returns with a slightly harder sound than his previous set “The Way I See It“. from the early reviews the new album is supposed to stick with the retro Motownish sound he delved into on the last project, but with a noticeably rawer edge to it. there’s some debate on this point as to whether or not Raph is now on the verge of shark-jumping and sticking to this sound only because it’s currently popular, and has given him more exposure than he’s ever recieved in his career for a long while. HOWEVER, i’ve been a lifelong Raph Saadiq fan since childhood. and the man is nothing if consistently dope in pretty much everything he does. the new single Radio, is no exception.

Raphael Saadiq – Radio

the single gets its official release on January 11, with the music video not too far behind. album comes out in March.