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DJ Quik – Nobody (feat. Suga Free) (Music Video)

Tha Quikster & Suga Free set aside their differences and re-united on Quik‘s latest studio album, “The Book Of David”, and the Internet rejoiced! these two fuckin around has produced some of the coolest, fonkiest, most effortless hip hop you could imagine. add a blunt n some beer & they could make one awesome album together. i don’t need to mention the song is vintage Quik, with vintage ‘Free raps & humour, making ME feel like i’m back in ’98 when “Rhythm-Al-Ism” was the only hip hop i was listening to. for the sake of music lovers everywhere, i sincerely hope they NEVER.FIGHT.AGAIN. y’all BELONG together (sif the shared love of beautifully-kept hair wasn’t sign enough).