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A LONG HOT SUMMER // Mixed + Selected by CHRIS BRANN from ANANDA PROJECT (2012)

this week is mos definitely an Ananda Project-centric week, full of deep house gems from the master himself, Chris Brann. during my healthy smothering of tunes i happened upon yet another deep mix that was released this year and featured Chris at the helm: “A Long Hot Summer” via King Street Sounds. tracklist below. download/buy from beatport. peep one of the tracks from the mix below via YouTube. n since Summer is just around the corner on my end of the Earth, these audio vibes are anything if timely. peace/luv/light.

01. Tuccillo & Kiko Navarro – Quartett O’batalistrico (Main Mix) (9:17)
02. Ananda Project – Into The Sunrise (Kiko Navarro Disco Mix) (feat. Terrance Downs) (8:38)
03. Franco De Mulero – Porroig (Original Mix) (7:12)
04. Ananda Project – Universal Love (Jay-J’s Shifted Up Mix) (6:44)
05. Namy – There She Stands (Frankie Feliciano Vocal) (feat. Monday Michiru) (7:08)
06. Lips – Time is Now (Groove Assassins Remix) (8:15)
07. Soundealers – Keep On (8:56)
08. Franco De Mulero – The Darkness String (9:58)
09. Sunshine Jones – Warm Sun On My Face (Dub) (8:56)
10. John Rivera & Esteban Carrasco – Attempt To Dream (7:09)
11. From P60 with Lisa Shaw – Magic (Forteba Remix) (8:26)
12. Tiger Stripes – Song for Edit (feat. Kerri Chandler) (6:36)
13. DJ Vivona & Joi Cardwell – Return To Love (A Directors Cut Treatment) (7:26)
14. Trans of Life – Foi Voce (9:37)
15. Ananda Project – Kiss Kiss Kiss (Alternate Mix Re-Edit) (feat. Heather Johnson) (7:39)


ANANDA PROJECT // Almost Human EP // feat. Terrance Downs (2012)

you wanna know how i know i’m having a good day? when the mastermind BEHIND Ananda Project gleefully shares with me his latest classic musical nugget directly on Facebook. and the nugget(s) is/are, of course, the LICK. no, possibly TWO licks.

and be on the lookout for the new full-length AP album, “Beautiful Searching”, coming out next month in Japan.


Gaelle – Another Blue World (prod. by Chris Brann)

here’s another beautiful unreleased track from Gaelle‘s forthcoming album (hopefully due out sometime this year). the album and this track are produced entirely by one of my fav producers (and people) ever, Mr. Chris Brann. i’ve heard a few other tracks from their sessions together and they’re all winners, then again i expect nothing less from this combination of music minds.


Mista Vee presents…The Top 5 Tracks From My YouTube Stash #001

if u were unaware (and u probly were/are cos i am not exactly someone significant), but i have my own YouTube channel: Mista Vee’s Haus Of Love & Fun (the name might change). i upload some of my fav little-heard gems on a daily basis and i’ve favourited a whole shitload more quality stuff. so i thought every now n then i would highlight my uploads here for ur enjoyment, 5 at a time (cos i get wordy as fuck).


Abstract Truth – Like Water (Drip-Hop Mix)

Abstract Truth, a modern soul/jazz/house/broken beat project featuring Monique Bingham & helmed by bandleader/founder & producer Dana Vlcek (along with Ravi Best, Vincent Chauncey, Jephté Guillaume, Guy Daniels, & Pete Mark). they released some really hot singles in 1996/97 like Get Another Plan & (We Had) A Thing and then vanished without a trace. the Drip-Hop Mix of Like Water is from the Get Another Plan EP (1996) and is a lot more water-like in its changing structure than the original vocal version. that and i used to listen to this profusely when catching the train to University back in the day. expect more blogging to occur on this short-lived yet awesome group of musos.

Lee Fields – You Don’t Know What You Mean (To A Lover Like Me)

from the vintage-but-not-vintage Daptone Records “vault” (this entire description can’t help but be tongue-in-cheek). Lee Fields performs a scorchin hot funk classic, taken from the Daptone 7 Inch Singles Collection Vol. 2 (2008).

Arkarna – House On Fire (Acoustic Version)

i still think it’s rather unbelievable a group like Arkarna is barely known to the average music listener anymore. although some critics derided them for essentially biting the styles of others (when the very same artists they were accused of biting were co-signing the band and even lending their expertise in the studio), Arkarna is an awesome hybrid band that plays a style of music that can only be described as a genre mishmash, a GUMBO, if u will of aural flavas. on their debut album Fresh Meat (1997), for instance, you’ll hear electro-pop, acoustic power ballads, grunge rock, acid techno, and HINTS of Prince (further expanded upon with Skin from their 2nd album The Family Album (1999), which seems to have mysteriously vanished from YouTube, but is one of the funkiest jams they’ve ever made). they’re still active and are working on releasing their newest album, due out any day now. keep in touch via The Official Arkarna Music YouTube Channel. House On Fire is one of their most well-known songs, this acoustic version appears as a hidden/bonus track at the very end of Fresh Meat (1997).

Lulu Jackson – Careless Love

a true buried melancholy gem that appears on Last Kind Words (1926-1953) (2008), an album full of old OLD super rare gospel & blues 78s compiled and released by Mississippi Records. the low-fi quality of the recording only adds to its appeal for me as a nice acoustic ditty bout the follies of love and lust. plus i could imagine this song being used in Punch-Drunk Love (2002) which may explain my extra amounts of love for it.

Gaelle – Ghost In The Machine

i seem to have developed an M.O. over the years for worshiping a certain kind of female musician, one that conjures up images of Sade and Aaliyah, not so much the appearance but the ethereal semi-mystic quality that they exude. Gaelle Adisson is one such semi-mystic quality exuder. this is one of many unreleased tracks that Gaelle briefly made available a few years ago. i’m told it’s from the 1998 sessions with Chris Brann (who also produced this track). shame it never got a release but i guess now it kinda did? *shrugs*