A LONG HOT SUMMER // Mixed + Selected by CHRIS BRANN from ANANDA PROJECT (2012)

this week is mos definitely an Ananda Project-centric week, full of deep house gems from the master himself, Chris Brann. during my healthy smothering of tunes i happened upon yet another deep mix that was released this year and featured Chris at the helm: “A Long Hot Summer” via King Street Sounds. tracklist below. download/buy from beatport. peep one of the tracks from the mix below via YouTube. n since Summer is just around the corner on my end of the Earth, these audio vibes are anything if timely. peace/luv/light.

01. Tuccillo & Kiko Navarro – Quartett O’batalistrico (Main Mix) (9:17)
02. Ananda Project – Into The Sunrise (Kiko Navarro Disco Mix) (feat. Terrance Downs) (8:38)
03. Franco De Mulero – Porroig (Original Mix) (7:12)
04. Ananda Project – Universal Love (Jay-J’s Shifted Up Mix) (6:44)
05. Namy – There She Stands (Frankie Feliciano Vocal) (feat. Monday Michiru) (7:08)
06. Lips – Time is Now (Groove Assassins Remix) (8:15)
07. Soundealers – Keep On (8:56)
08. Franco De Mulero – The Darkness String (9:58)
09. Sunshine Jones – Warm Sun On My Face (Dub) (8:56)
10. John Rivera & Esteban Carrasco – Attempt To Dream (7:09)
11. From P60 with Lisa Shaw – Magic (Forteba Remix) (8:26)
12. Tiger Stripes – Song for Edit (feat. Kerri Chandler) (6:36)
13. DJ Vivona & Joi Cardwell – Return To Love (A Directors Cut Treatment) (7:26)
14. Trans of Life – Foi Voce (9:37)
15. Ananda Project – Kiss Kiss Kiss (Alternate Mix Re-Edit) (feat. Heather Johnson) (7:39)


ANANDA PROJECT // Almost Human EP // feat. Terrance Downs (2012)

you wanna know how i know i’m having a good day? when the mastermind BEHIND Ananda Project gleefully shares with me his latest classic musical nugget directly on Facebook. and the nugget(s) is/are, of course, the LICK. no, possibly TWO licks.

and be on the lookout for the new full-length AP album, “Beautiful Searching”, coming out next month in Japan.


MAXWELL // Live @ Paradiso, Amsterdam (1997)

it has been YEARS since i heard this full high-quality bootleg recording of one of Max’s earliest live gigs, performed in 1997 at Paradiso, Amsterdam. it’s only 8 tracks long (roughly 42mins in length) but it showcases Max and his band’s knack for re-interpreting his own songs. there are some alterations made to some M standards here that i haven’t really heard anywhere else. not much is really known about this bootleg or how it even surfaced to begin with, alls i remember is chancing upon it i THINK from the Soulseek days. regardless, this should be a collector’s item for ANY avid Maxwellian fanatic.

01. The Urban Theme (2:25)
02. Welcome (4:49)
03. Dancewitme (5:50)
04. Lock You Up N’ Love Fa Days (4:30)
05. …Til The Cops Come Knockin’ (The Opus) (Pt. 1) (5:48)
06. …Til The Cops Come Knockin’ (The Opus) (Pt. 2) (7:45)
07. Ascension (Don’t Ever Wonder) (Pt. 1) (6:35)
08. Ascension (Don’t Ever Wonder) (Pt. 2) (4:50)

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