HUSH/SLUT – SLUTlets Vol. 1 (2012)

i’m currently in the midst of working on new music for a full 10 track LP of HUSH/SLUT material (featuring rappers, poets & singers amongst other musos (if i can get em)), and i wanted to turf some of these leftover beats i had that i wasn’t gonna do anything with. decided to release em in short but sweet bursts known as SLUTlets. 7 beats in 8mins. i know i’m bias as hayl but it’s got some pretty decent replay value. Vol. 2 is gonna be much more cohesive with around 10 beats (which is kinda what i wanna average em at).


01. hazel
02. pre-cum
03. fall
04. getting over
05. soulare
06. intracosmos
07. dread


Brian McKnight actually writes a memorable song & the Internet loses its GATDAMN mind

i’m sure by now it’s already old news, and i’ve already had my say on the matter on one of the many vids of it on YouTube (my comment’s currently been upped to the top becos of its succinct breakdown of why ppl suck), but come.the fuck.on already. have we collectively decided to shove our sense of humour up our asses? is this backlash(ish) reaction from some of these seemingly die-hard BM fans just a TAD over-the-top? & are the majority of mainstream r&b listeners humourless and fickle?! the fuck is goin on witchyoos? YOU’RE MEANT TO LAUGH. Brian has essentially hit upon a style of online r&b performance art that has been so lovingly perfected by the Turquoise Jeep troupe over the years (which i have covered extensively throughout the life of this blog), but is most-associated with the ever-evolving R. Kelly (piss-free since…whenever the fuck that entire thing was, i forget).

i sorta understand the general reaction (more of a ‘balk’, really) against this type of ‘music’, however, stop being a fucking nerd for one second and enjoy a well-written, expertly-sung, vintage-Stevie-chord-havin sexy yet dirty yet hilarious ode to one of the few things that actually MATTERS in this world: THE PUSSY.

apparently shit got so out of hand B deleted the original video from his YouTube account amidst accusations ranging from him selling out n losing his edge, to more convoluted theories that he had tested the waters at SERIOUSLY trying to exclusively be that kind of artist (aka going “Full Kells”), deciding along the way (after gauging our reaction) if he originally meant it as a joke or if it was a serious tune. but i like to keep it a bit more simple: the song is a CHEEKY BANGER. someone trademark that phrase cos it’s the best description i can think of for it, a term that sums up The Jeep, The Arruh & now…B McKNeezy (y’all can think up sumthn better). “If You’re Ready To Learn” is an A grade entry into the pantheon of CHEEKY BANGERS. and halefuckinglujah, Brian McKnight thinks the same thing as he intends to finish and release the song VERY SOON.

(i know it’s cooler calling the song “Let Me Show You How Your Pussy Works”, but B does state clearly the name of the song is “If You’re Ready To Learn” so i’ma just stick to that). feel free to download the mp3 of this now-viral video (just the song bits) courtesy of urs truly (honestly i couldn’t stop listening to it so i had to mp3 that shit).


UPDATE: blog poast now comes with Brian McKnight co-sign via twitter. now go squirt THAT out your vaginas.


Wes Felton’s latest album “HANDLE WITH CARE” already in my favs of 2012

i’ve long been ignorant of the musical prowess of one W. Ellington Felton (but most commonly known as Wes Felton) for many years. the only work i had heard was 2008’s “Antithesis” LP with JLaine & T. Fox (which produced one of my fav acoustic joints ever, featuring frequent collaborater K’Alyn). but never did i bother to delve into his solo work. so basically over a single weekend i ripped through every release the man has put out there and online on his Bandcamp page, and i found myself liking pretty much EVERYTHING i heard. the new LP “Handle With Care” in particular. dude’s got a killer guest lineup of vocalists n musos, most notably bringin J-Soul outta hiding (known to…well, those who know, as “that guy who sang his balls off on Aquanote‘s album”).

the vibe is simply raw soul. and big-ups putting an acoustic cover of “I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire” by The Inkblots as the 2nd track. no missteps, no bloated unmentionables, just 9 tracks of straight dope music.



a couple of months ago i put the call out (mostly via Okayplayer) for indie/bedroom artists to submit their links and/or music to a new compilation i was putting together, named after my blog as it’s intended to be exclusive to here. the idea is to expose y’all to more than the norm but shining a light in as many musical corners as possible. as a result i’ve been able to compile 24 slick tunes ranging from soulful hip hop, to beats, to spaced out dub, funk, acoustic, NEO neo soul & a track or two that i can’t really classify in the traditional sense. all up, it’s nearly 80mins of great tunes and you don’t need money to listen or enjoy the shit. all i (and i guess by extension, we) ask is you take the chance to listen and possibly discover some new favourite artists in the process 🙂

if you’d prefer a single file download check it out via Soundcloud, or grab the separated/tracked links below the tracklist.

01. kai mwaafrika – love buzz (feat. laurel hall) (3:27)
02. self – fear (3:46)
03. davu – strange days (3:09)
04. m.c. logic – maniac (m.c. logic mix) (2:24)
05. pete marriott – the kidnapping (unmixed snippet) (feat. romance) (3:07)
06. king fuvi – faster (3:40)
07. canayda – tryna get paid (rough mix) (prod. by j clyde) (3:07)
08. – return to d-funk (exclusive) (2:26)
09. proc – look (2:14)
10. pete simpson & monkz – introrude (2:32)
11. nij beats – star trek (sketch for arthur) (1:42)
12. 3.14 (pi) – el in tune with nature (2:32)
13. the essential drop – allesklar…kool (2:13)
14. cb010 – raise the bar (1:32)
15. just plain ant – another one (feat. joey ripps) (co-prod. by ohbliv) (4:11)
16. lyle horowitz – blue lights (midpoint remix) (feat. loud pack lucy) (2:49)
17. soulbrotha (aka sb) – exceptional (feat. shakara weston) (prod. by aeon) (3:35)
18. p. nom – no stress (4:04)
19. inspired flight – it always takes (option’s local zen remix) (3:55)
20. mar – our attempt (3:56)
21. justin deremo – bless no stress (3:04)
22. mon-tag – the other day (2:18)
23. room e – funeral theme (7:11)
24. jodeci – beautiful company (3:52)

runtime = 76:59.

zip | rar

over the course of the next month i will also be spotlighting each individual artist that appears on the mix with a 5 question mini-interview, so you can briefly get to know your friendly neighbourhood music-lovers.


HUSH/SLUT – Enter: The SLUT (2012)

a few months back i began working on music under the alias HUSH/SLUT, a name i picked at random from the word stew simmering in my brain at the time (it was mostly just to get attention and to use the term “slut” in a non-demeaning-toward-women kinda way). after several late nights noodling in the dark, i present to y’all this 17 track ‘mixtape’ (cutely) named Enter: The SLUT. it’s less an album and more of a starter dish to warm you up for the main course: a 10 track LP (all originals). but for now, please enjoy my still-developing H/S sound, free to stream and/or download via Soundcloud (zip and rar files are forthcoming for easy once-off downloading).