6 more HUSH/SLUT tracks (5 remixes + 1 original)

a little while back i introduced y’all to my new music alias, HUSH/SLUT. it’s only been a month that i’ve been living with this name, but as always, a new moniker somehow helps me churn the music out at record pace. i managed to crank out 5 originals and 5 remixes in that time, all of which i’m rather proud of (tho some mixing issues still abound). i debuted on this blog with 4 originals, i now add to the collection 1 more original and 5 remixes for ur listening and/or downloading pleasure. hope you can dig the vibe i was goin for.


Dwele – I Think I Love You (HUSH/SLUT Remix)

Lucy Pearl – Dance Tonight (HUSH/SLUT Remix)

People Under The Stairs – The Wiz (HUSH/SLUT Remix)

1st Down – Front Street (HUSH/SLUT Remix)

The Roots – Don’t See Us (HUSH/SLUT Remix) (feat. Dice Raw)

HUSH/SLUT – Spaces & Places


FJORDE MAGAZINE (1st issue of 2012) + my interviews with First Aid Kit & Dallas Frasca

May 2012 will mark one year that i’ve been writing for Fjorde Mag. it’s been a great learning curve on top of the ticking-off of one of my dreams: music journalism. i get to write in my own style and ask questions i’d like see artists being asked (hopefully it’s as non-boring as i think it is). basically i get to geek the fuck out by talking to established artists i’m huge longtime fans of, as well as hipping myself to more talented artists in the process. in this issue i got to chat to First Aid Kit on the phone as they chilled in Japan in between tours, and Australia’s own Dallas Frasca. u can catch the new issue online @ http://www.fjordemagazine.com.


#DILLAMONTH: Art (by Aivy B.)

over the coming month of Feb (known as Dilla Month) i will be once again spotlighting different tributes from around the world ranging from music, writing and artwork to the always great and always late James Yancey (aka Jay Dee/J Dilla). starting with this awesome Dilla piece by Aivy B.

u can squizz more of Aivy’s work at her official website. and of course another happy bday to the man himself who influenced and continues to influence legions around the world (his bday was on the 7th).


Dave Grohl: TOUCH (Soundtrack) (1997)

it may not be blindingly obvious just from taking a cursory look on this blog, but i am a huge, HUGE fan of pretty much all of Dave Grohl‘s music (and therefore a massive Foo Fighters nut). every year i try to dig and find more stuff by the man that was previously unheard, unknown or forgotten. so some time back i discovered a song called “How Do You Do” from a soundtrack to the film Touch (starring Skeet Ulrich). turns out Dave was the maestro in charge of the film’s entire score/soundtrack. so in essence, “Touch” is a mostly-instrumental solo album by Dave (with a few tracks being credited to one of his earlier alias’, Late). the more i listen to this, the more i see it as a gorgeous signpost filling in the evolving Foo sound between “The Colour And The Shape” & “There Is Nothing Left To Lose”. that is, heavy doses of melancholy chords with a few uptempo bright spots, and a couple of tracks featuring the same standard bossa nova beat he ended up using on “Stacked Actors”. far as i know this OST still remains floating around in the ether unbeknownst to most fans, which is sad cos truth is it’s a bit of a gem.

01. Bill Hill Theme (4:04)
02. August Murray Theme (3:38)
03. How Do You Do (3:14)
04. Richie Baker’s Miracle (1:04)
05. Making Popcorn (2:33)
06. Outrage (2:20)
07. Saints In Love (3:12)
08. Spinning Newspapers (2:50)
09. Remission My Ass (0:38)
10. Scene 6 (4:28)
11. This Loving Thing (Lynn’s Song) (3:09)
12. Final Miracle (2:38)
13. Touch (3:33)