brand new Turquoise Jeep: HAPPY SEXGIVING (Yung Humma + Whatchyamacallit)

THA JEEP RETURNS! “Happy Sexgiving” has been in the works for a while now (the official holiday of Turquoise Jeep and all those who keep it riding). suss the FB event page for the actual holiday itself, and suss the new song + vid featuring Yung Humma + Whatchyamacallit. and although i say this with each new Jeep video, this time, without a doubt: THE HOTTEST TJ VIDEO CHICK THUS FAR. hands fucking down. Tummiscratch re-appears with another short but impactful cameo, and TJ co-founder Flynt Flossy appears in balloon-form (now watch the Internetz blow up with requests for F Dot Floss inflatable merch).


Black Dynamite: The Animated Series – The Pilot

in anticipation of Adult Swim’s new fonky toon depiction of Black Dynamite (coming in 2012), they’re released the full pilot episode for viewing online. naturally, within hours some awesome soul had ripped it to YouTube. which is awesome cos i get to embed it on this page and you get to watch it right here! ohhh technology.


FOO FIGHTERS: Garage Tour (full length 40min video) + Aussie tour dates!

by now y’all should have a hint that i’m a big Foo Fighters nut. say what you want about all the other dope music shit i’m into and post up on my blog and elsewhere on the Interwebz, the Foo have a very special place close to my heart. their latest monster album “Wasting Light“, which was recorded on TAPE in Dave’s garage studio at home, is still going mega strong late into 2011. right now it’s easily in the official top 5 C.O.A.C.M albums of the year. on top of being kickass musicians, Grohl + the Foo have been touring the U.S. of A (and the surrounding territories) playing in peoples homes, garages, barns and basements. how often does arguably THE biggest rock band in the fucking world come down to earth and boogie with their fans? almost fucking never (should be your answer). all this while playing the big-ass tours, festivals and cutting music videos. as even more of a treat, all the footage has been compiled into one 40min full length video on teh YooToobz.

also for my Aussie brethren, the Foo have announced dates for their upcoming tour later in the year. peep below and hurry cos i think the shits may already be sold out or definitely on the way to selling out (as per the graphic, the tour will also feature Tenacious D. how fuckin rad is that?!).

28/11 @ NIB Stadium, Perth
02/12 @ AAMI Park, Melbourne
03/12 @ AAMI Park, Melbourne
05/12 @ Adelaide Oval, Adelaide
08/12 @ Sydney Football Stadium, Sydney
10/12 @ Metricon Stadium, Gold Coast

yeaaah bitch Melbourne gets TWO gigs lol. already got my tix for the Dec 3 show. grab yours here (via Frontier Touring). the first runs are all gone (July), but i think they re-open for sale mid-August (in like…5 days time? GET.ON.THAT.SHIT, y’all).


Deborah Bond features LEWIS TAYLOR on new album

around 6 days ago, Deborah Bond released a new song from her upcoming set (Madame Palindrome) featuring the guest vocals of none other than current retiree Lewis Taylor. the song’s called “If I Didn’t Need You”, and finds Lewis to still be in fine vocal form. but then again, it’s likely his portion was recorded at least a few years ago, pre-retirement. so while this Lewis contribution seems new to us and might signal a comeback, it’s more probable that it’s an older recording and he ain’t ever comin back. howwwwww depressing lol. regardless, the song is tight (prod. by Robbie McDonald). check it via Deborah’s SoundCloud page below.

for those who’ve forgotten who or what a Lewis Taylor is, feel free to sift through most of his catalogue via Grooveshark.



can’t.fucking.wait. on the poundage-gain, creator/writer/star of the show Rob McElhenny explains: “i was watching a very popular sitcom and noticing about how the characters were getting better looking, as the seasons progressed. and, i have never seen a sitcom in which the actors progressively got worse looking, which is, I think, truer to life, especially the lives that these characters lead. and, a character that’s always talking about putting on mass and all he does is eat shit and drink beer would eventually look like this. i thought that would be an interesting experiment, and it seems to be working out”. peep the hyper-dramatic trailer for Season 7 below (starts airing on FX in September).


LOVERS MELT 2: mixed by Flying Lotus


recently FlyLo followed up his earlier Lovers Melt mix with this huge-ass sequel, which will (in the words of the man himself) “hopefully be part of your summer sound. some of my favorite songs ever…some you know, some you might not”.

there’s also now a nearly-complete tracklist in case you were wondering what such-n-such dope song was.

0:00:00 – Chocolate Star – Stay With Me
0:00:30 – Bobby Womack – Fact Of Life – He’ll Be There When The Sun Goes Down
0:04:09 – Eddie Hazel – Frantic Moment
0:07:50 – William DeVaughn  – Be Thankful For What You Got
0:11:18 – Curtis Mayfield – You’re So Good To Me
0:15:23 – Young Holt Unlimited – Give Me Your Love
0:17:36 – Stevie Wonder – Golden Lady
0:20:54 – Donald Byrd – Lansana’s Priestess
0:24:40 – George Duke – Someday
0:27:15 – Bobby Caldwell – What You Won’t Do For Love
0:30:05 – Donald Byrd – Wind Parade
0:34:09 – Bobbi Humphrey – My Little Girl
0:36:29 – Nu Page – A Heart Is A House
0:38:50 – Brainstorm – Wake Up And Be Somebody
0:43:50 – – – –
0:46:18 – Earth, Wind & Fire – Sunshine
0:50:31 – Anita Ward – Ring My Bell
0:53:20 – – – –
0:55:12 – Renaldo & The Loaf – Vitamin Song
0:56:15 – Uriah Heap – Sunrise
0:58:10 – A.D.A.M – Eve
1:00:05 – Can – Sing Swam Song
1:03:20 – Alain Goraguer – Meditation Des Enfants
1:04:51 – – – –
1:06:59 – Cortex – 8 Octobre 1971
1:09:55 – Baris Manco – Gonul Dagi
1:12:13 – Omar Khorshid – Raqsed El Fada (Dance Of Space)
1:13:37 –  –
1:15:40 – Rotary Connection – Memory Band
1:17:24 – Zodiac – Aquarius-lover Of Life
1:21:00 – Lo Borges – Homem Da Rua
1:23:00 – Jose Mauro – Apocalipse
1:25:30 – Marcos Valle – Mais Do Que Valsa
1:28:16 – Daevid Allen – Memories
1:30:27 – Soft Machine – Carol Ann
1:34:06 – United States Of America – Cloud Song
1:37:05 – Miles Davis – Little Church
1:38:45 – Elvin Jones – Moon Dance
1:40:39 – Stanley Clarke – Journey To Love
1:45:24 – Quincy Jones – Along Came Betty
1:47:22 – Lo Borges – Calibre
1:48:50 – Sun Ra – Enlightenment
1:51:25 – – – –
1:53:10 – Weather Report – Manolete
1:59:00 – Herbie Hancock – Actual Proof
2:00:18 – Bonnie Koloc – My Aunt Edna
2:03:00 – Chick Corea – Crystal Silence
2:05:17 – Brazilian Octopus – Pavane
2:07:54 – People In Control – When It’s War
2:10:58 – – – –
2:12:47 – Hamid El Kasri – Foufoudanba
2:16:40 – David Lynch & Peter Ivers – In Heaven?
2:19:24 – Alice Coltrane – Isis And Osiris


FJORDE MAGAZINE (Spring 2011 Issue) + my write-up/interview with Aussie muso Josh Pyke

featuring photography by Fil Konikowski

for the past few months, i’ve been writing for local Melbourne online mag, Fjorde Magazine, which is largely a fashion magazine but with intents on expanding into all areas of modern underground culture. to that end, i was tapped to help cover all things music. i debuted in the previous issue (#3) with an interview with Quan from Little Red. for my follow-up i spoke to Aussie acoustic star Josh Pyke, an artist i admittedly didn’t know too much about before i spoke to, but did a heckuva lot of research on and ended up becoming a fan of when all was said and done. please click HERE for a link to Fjorde’s website and a link to viewing the whole ‘zine online.

oh, and my interviews with Van Hunt and Dego (of 4hero/2000black) will be in the next issue, probably due out in a couple months time. keep yours eyes peeled for THOSE 🙂